Did you hire a makeup artist for your high school yearbook senior picture? A lot of teens are today.

They’re turning standard yearbook pictures into professional glamour photo shoots. And shelling out hundreds of dollars hiring professional photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists to give them a perfect look. In fact, the typical breakdown is a photographer fee of $200, another $200 for hair and makeup, then a few hundred dollars on glossy prints and electronic copies. 

It’s a far cry from the conventional yearbook photo session that’s been the norm for generations of graduating seniors. And it’s driving a whole new photography business, with photographers who specialize in magazine-style senior portraits. One photogrpaher in Denver does 200 senior pictures a year, and his average order for prints is over $2,000. 

So, what’s driving the glamour photo trend? First, experts say that kids today have never been more photo-crazy, constantly posting pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Tumbler. So it’s no surprise that they place a high importance on their senior picture: it’s the ultimate “selfie.” 

Teens also get a confidence boost when they post their airbrushed photos online, for friends to see and comment on. In fact, one teen we read about said she never felt better about herself than when her glamour shot for the yearbook got 85 “likes” on Facebook.

And a lot of parents are happy to shell out big bucks for the shoots, since it’s the last opportunity to get photos of their kids before they leave the nest to go to college or join the working world.