Good news if you’re looking for a summer job. A new survey from SnagAJob shows that 1-in-5 hiring managers plan to hire summer help, which is almost double the number of managers who were hiring a year ago.

But there’s a twist. This year, it won’t just be teens looking for work, because a growing number of senior citizens are also looking for part-time, seasonal jobs. For example: At recent job fairs for amusement parks and Major League Baseball a record number of retirees turned up. A lot of older adults don’t have enough money to retire on, and need the extra income. 

Kerry Hannon wrote the book Great Jobs For Everyone 50-Plus, and she says the surprising thing about this trend is that the competition for summer jobs isn’t as fierce as you might think. Because while applications from seniors are rising, applications from teens are way down. In fact, less than a-third of today’s high school and college students say they even want a job this summer.

Hannon says it’s because “work” isn’t built into our teen culture the way it used to be. In past generations, just about every teen spent the summer mowing lawns, serving burgers, or bagging groceries. But these days, a lot of teens spend the summer going to camp, or at summer school, so their mindset isn’t about looking for a job.

But no matter your age, experts say you can find thousands of summer job opportunities on Websites like and Or, start your job search at Home Depot, because they’re planning to hire at least 80,000 seasonal workers this summer. And they say they need everything from sales associates, to loaders in the garden centers.