Check your phone – you could have a smelly text message waiting for you!

A Japanese company recently launched a smartphone accessory they claim can send smells to people. It’s called “Chat Perf” – as in perfume. It looks like a thumb drive device and contains an atomizer and a “smell tank.” You attach it to your smartphone’s docking port, then pick out one of the pre-set smells and hit “send!” The smelly text is sent to your friend and as long as they have a Chat Perf device, then their phone releases the scent.

Experts predict that smell text messages could be a huge business. Restaurants could send out smell texts of their new desserts like a hot apple pie! And it wouldn’t end there.

Celebrities could send out smells of the latest fragrance they’re endorsing.  And resorts could send you smell texts of the ocean as a way of enticing you to  book a trip.

If you’re interested in getting “Chat Perf” – check out Each device costs $60.

So, would you want to receive a smelly text? Does that sound cool or freaky? Comment at