Why is it that in some parts of the world women don't have heart attacks, or get colon cancer? It all comes down to their lifestyle and diet choices. So, here are the secrets of the world's healthiest women. We got this from Rodale Publishing. * We'll start with heart attacks. The women of South Korea rarely have them. Why? Because no Korean meal is complete without a side dish called kimchi - that's heavy on the raw garlic. Garlic has a heart protecting enzyme that prevents cholesterol from sticking to artery walls. That enzyme is released only when the cloves are finely chopped or crushed, and heating garlic weakens its effect. If you want to have the heart protecting power of the Koreans, top your fish or whole grain pasta with fresh chopped garlic just before serving it. Or you can get the real thing, kimchi, online at koamart.com. * Why is it that Japanese women don't get breast cancer? The reason is soy. 40% of the Japanese population eats miso soup, which is made from soy beans, for breakfast every day. Studies show that women who eat soy once a week cut their risk of breast cancer in half. However, stocking your fridge with tofurkey won't work. Research shows that processed soy doesn't have the same effect. Instead, stick to things like edamame, tofu, soy milk and miso. * Lastly, where is it that women rarely get colon cancer? Cameroon. Diet is a huge factor when it comes to preventing colon cancer. Most of the meals in Cameroon call for wild greens that are rich in folate, and an increase in folate can slash your colon cancer risk by 60%. You can get more folate in your diet by eating dark green leafy vegetables and beans. The people of Cameroon also eat a lot of fermented foods - like home brewed beer, sour milk and fermented corn. Those fermented foods are packed with probiotics which maintain colon-protecting bacteria in your gut. You don't have to brew your own beer - you can get the same results from cottage cheese and yogurt that contain "live, active cultures."