We now know the secret to lasting love!

Sue Jonson is a clinical psychologist who’s researched relationships for 35 years. And she says the secret to a loving relationship is: Emotional responsiveness.

What does that mean? Essentially, it’s about sending a cue to your partner and having them respond to it positively. So if you’re driving and your partner reaches for your hand - and you hold it - that’s being emotionally responsive. If your partner says, “You have to look at this picture on Instagram” - and you stop what you’re doing and look - that’s emotional responsiveness. Of course, it goes deeper than that. Being emotionally responsive is the ability to help your spouse feel that being with you is a safe haven. The Gottman Institute has the motto: “Small things often”… meaning, to have a healthy relationship, couples need to engage in small points of contact every day that show love, empathy, appreciation, and that you view your partner in a positive light.

So remember, the secret to a long-lasting relationship is: Emotional responsiveness. And showing that in small ways, often.