What’s the latest business opportunity? Become a “cellphone valet."

That’s the name for new services where students drop off their electronic gadgets in the morning – often at a special kiosk, or truck parked outside of school. Then, when the school day ends, they can claim their gadgets before heading home. Some services even offer a “security card,” which works like the claim ticket you get from a parking valet. That way, you get a guarantee that your device will be returned to you, and not somebody else.

Believe it or not, cellphone valets are popping up outside a growing number of schools today. Why? Because a growing number of schools are banning cellphones! In fact, many schools now punish students for carrying a cellphone - even if the phone’s powered down inside a backpack. So, the new valet services are meant to give students access to their phones, without them getting into trouble.

As you might expect, cellphone valets aren’t free. They typically charge a dollar a day, although some offer a discount if you pre-pay an entire month. That means that in a typical school year, the average student would pay about $150 to check their phone every day.

Which begs the question: If your school bans cellphones, why not just leave your electronic devices at home?