When the boss asks you to go above and beyond your job description at work, it’s tempting to say something like: “that’s not MY job”.  But most experts agree that’s a sure way of being fired. Because even if you’re the janitor, companies want employees who are team oriented, and who’ll do anything possible to contribute to the company’s overall success. So, what can you say instead of “That’s not my job?” Here’s what the experts say:

First: Offer an alternative. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable with one task, ask if there’s another you can do instead. Experts say that tells your boss that you want to help, and that you want to help in a more productive way.

If that doesn’t work: Then redirect the task. Meaning, if you can’t do it, help find someone else who will. That way, your boss isn’t left in the cold, and you’ll be seen a team player.

But if your boss still insists: Then clearly explain WHY you’re not right for the job. Like maybe you need more time to do research.  Or you believe the new task conflicts with your existing deadlines. Experts say your boss will respect your honesty if you share your concerns in a professional manner.