If you end your work emails or text messages with an “X” – you need to stop. Why? Because, traditionally, X’s mean kisses. And experts say you may think it’s just a way to be friendly, or show you’re grateful for a coworker’s help, but most people who see kisses will assume you’re flirting with them, and that can be dangerous. According to a recent poll, 86 percent of people include Xs and Os in coworker emails and text messages, and 40 percent of women and 10 percent of men send kisses to their boss! 

Of those who’ve sent kisses, one-third say they were interpreted incorrectly as a sexual advance, and men were more likely to think they were being flirted with, when they weren’t. 

The truth is: Most people who’ve had a fling at work say it started with someone adding X’s to a message. 

Bottom line: Kisses should be reserved for loved ones and family members. They don’t belong in workplace texts and emails.