Make it easy on yourself next time you go to the grocery store! Choose a checkout lane with the fewest people - even if their carts are filled. It’ll move faster than one with more people, but fewer items. Why? It takes about 3-seconds to scan each item, but a minute per customer for chit-chat and payment - especially if they’re slow with the credit machine.

And beware of the third-person-in-line landmine. If you’re third in line, you’re still in shopping mode but you don’t have anything to do except wait. Which means you’re more prone to impulse purchases. The fix? Ask yourself “Do I really need this?” before tossing something in your cart.

Finally, if you’re in a hurry, skip the self-checkout if you’re buying alcohol or lots of produce. Because produce requires keying in special codes and alcohol requires someone to come over and check your I-D.