Want to save money on your flight home for Thanksgiving? Start checking prices now! The holiday falls early this year. Millions of people will be flying and travel experts expect demand for tickets to be high. That means prices will start rising, and most planes will be packed.

So, here are a few tips to help you save some money when you book your tickets:

  • The cheapest days to fly are the Monday before Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving Day, itself. And you might be able to save 20% if you fly back any day but the Sunday or Monday after Thanksgiving.

  • Check prices until you find a good deal. Experts say it’s a good price if a ticket for a short haul-flight, that’s less than 3 hours, is under $200. If it’s a long-haul flight, or over 5 hours, and it’s $400 or less, snap it up.

  • Experts say that the best time to by airline tickets is 21 to 28 days ahead. But waiting until then could backfire. Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and flights do sell out. So, if you wait, you not have the best choices of seats or schedule.

  • Keep watching the fares even after you’ve got your ticket. If you find the exact same flight for a lower price, some airlines refund the difference by giving you a travel voucher good toward a future trip.

  • If you have to book a hotel for Thanksgiving, procrastinating might be a good thing. According to Hotels.com, the ideal booking period is two to three weeks before Thanksgiving. And last year, that’s when most hotels offered discounts of about 35% off.