Dealing with jerks is bad for your mental health! That’s the finding of a new study – and here are the details:

City University of New York researchers had 100 people interact with someone who was intentionally rude and obnoxious. 

Half of them were instructed to engage with the jerk – the others gave the jerk the silent treatment.

Then, they completed a mental exercise. 

The result? The silent treatment group performed much better than those who tried to reason with the jerk.

So, why’s a rude person toxic to your brain? Lead researcher Dr. Kristin Sommer explains that interacting with a rude person depletes your mental energy, leaving you exhausted and drained. But if you completely ignore them – you save your brain from having that taxing interaction.

So, next time you have to deal with someone obnoxious – whether it’s a rude co-worker or fellow commuter – ignore them. It’ll literally save your sanity.