Police have an urgent warning for you - hold onto your smartphone! 

The hottest new crime these days is for crooks to literally pry your phone out of your hands while you’re talking and texting and run off before you have a chance to react. 

It’s a phenomenon nicknamed "apple picking,” because most of the thefts involve Apple iPhones. And there are reports of apple picking happening in stores, supermarkets, and even in church!

Police warn that it’s becoming increasingly common because it’s an easy crime with a big pay-off. Since the iPhone 5 sells for about $300 on the black market.

The crime is also hot with identity thieves. That’s because when they steal your phone while you're using it – they don’t need a password to “break into” your phone. Instead, they have instant access to your banking and credit card info.

Police say if you get “apple picked,” don’t chase the crook. Instead, report the crime to the police and deactivate the phone so the crook doesn’t have access to your private info!