What’s the most valuable item for thieves to steal these days? It’s rhino horns! Police are reporting that places that store rhinoceros’ skulls, like museums, and auction houses, are under attack by criminals.

So, why are the horns so valuable? Experts say there’s a huge demand for rhino powder in Asian countries, where a lot of people believe that medicine made from ground horns can cure diseases like cancer.

The powder sells for $45-thousand dollars a pound on the black market, which is dramatically more than traditional big-ticket items like gold. But museums are fighting back. They’re replacing the real rhino horn exhibits with fakes and posting signs next to rhino displays alerting both visitors and would-be thieves that they’re replicas.

The medical community is also getting in on the crackdown by spreading the word that rhino powder actually has zero medicinal value. In fact, Dr. Raj Amin is with the Zoological Society of London. And he says that ingesting rhino horn powder would boost your health no more than chewing your own nails and you can do that for free.