The hottest new trend in the retail world these days is same day delivery, where you order a product online, and it’s delivered to you that day, no matter where you are! And mom and pop shops, up to Fortune 500 companies, are gambling big bucks by hiring couriers and logistics specialists to make sure same-day deliveries go off without a hitch.

Why is same-day the next big thing? Because businesses are scared they’ll go bankrupt without it! That’s because Amazon, the world’s biggest retailer, sells literally everything. And they recently expanded their popular same-day delivery service to more cities, big and small – including some rural areas. So a lot of other stores think they’ll lose customers to Amazon forever if they don’t match the new service.

That’s why Target, Macy’s, and Toys-R-Us recently rolled out same-day delivery test programs. And one of the most popular smartphone apps is eBay’s new “Now” app. It lets you buy from brick-and-mortar stores then a “valet” delivers the item to you wherever you are. Like your home, office or even at a restaurant - all for a flat $5 fee.

We read about one guy who ordered a computer tablet on his smartphone while he was at a barbershop – and within 30 minutes, an eBay valet delivered it to him while he was still sitting in the barber chair!

But camps are split over whether the new service is a good business move.  Critics say it’s a money pit for companies - and a logistical nightmare, when you consider all of the rural towns and traffic-clogged cities the couriers will have to navigate.  And they point to a new survey that found that most customers actually select next-day delivery, instead of same day, because they generally don’t need an item immediately. 

But tech expert say that in this day and age, we expect instant gratification. And it’s only a matter of time before same-day delivery is the business standard.