Outdoor dining has become the new normal at restaurants. So what’s going to happen when the weather turns chilly - and we still don't have a vaccine - so we can’t safely be indoors with strangers? Here’s what the experts at Restaurant Business Online are predicting will happen at restaurants this fall:

First they say to expect blankets to be provided for every diner. It's actually a trend that's been happening at fine dining locations for awhile now, to keep customers cozy when the temperature dips. While the risk of spreading COVID-19 from shared blankets is relatively low, restaurants will launder them between each use.

You’ll also see more portable space heaters. Already sales for space heaters are surging as restaurants prepare for fall and winter outdoor dining.

They’ll also be replacing metal outdoor furniture with tables and chairs made from materials that feel warmer to the touch, like wood, cloth or plastic.

Outdoor restaurant patois will also have more greenery and shrubbery. That will not only help provide physical separation between tables, it’ll also serve as a shield from wind.

You'll start to notice heartier entrees and hot cocktails on menus, specifically designed to provide diners with warmth.