Do you wait tables? Here are 4 easy ways you can increase your tip income:

First: Wear something unusual. Michael Lynn teaches at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. He says that adding an unusual item to your uniform - like a hat, or flower in your hair - will add 10% or more to what you take home. That's because people are more likely to emotionally connect with servers who stand out from the crowd.

Next: Tell customers they made a good choice. Communication expert John Seiter found that simply complimenting a customer's menu selection increased earnings by one-third.

Another way to boost your tip income: Forecast good weather. Sunshine puts people in a good mood - and happy people leave bigger tips. In a Monmouth University study, servers who wrote predictions on their checks - like, "The weather tomorrow's supposed to be beautiful. Enjoy your day......" made 20% more than those who didn't.
Also, adding a drawing like a smiley face is worth another few bucks per table, but only for waitresses. When male servers included a smiley face, they actually got lower tips.

And the last tip is also for the ladies: Wear red lipstick. A European study found that men leave larger tips when their waitress wears red lipstick. Why? Before the days of makeup, red lips were an indicator of good health. And researchers at Yale University found that, even as infants, we're wired to interact more favorably with people who appear healthy.