Here are a few natural ways to relieve pain:

For a backache: Take a walk! Scientists at Tel Aviv University say a 20-minute walk can ease lower back pain as much as physical therapy. And you don’t even need to go for a brisk walk - just meandering, or strolling past shops, can relieve stiffness and muscle tension. And if you go for a stroll 3 times a week, researchers say you’ll strengthen your back and abdominal muscles enough to ward off future back pain.

Another natural tip for a backache: Massage your toes! The journal Applied Nursing Research found that a toe massage can calm the pain receptors linked to back pain.

For a headache, give yourself a neck rub. University of Alabama researchers say to rub your fingers along the back of your neck and the base of your skull. That stimulates blood flow to the brain, reducing headache pain by HALF in five minutes.

And for any moderate pain, get grateful! A study in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that taking a few minutes to think about what you’re grateful for - or to offer up a prayer - can reduce our perception of pain by 40%! That’s because it triggers our relaxation response, which lowers stress hormones and relaxes our muscles.