Pretty much everyone wants to grow up, fall in love, get married and have kids. What happens when you reach those milestones? Here’s adulthood by the numbers:

  • For instance, when you’re in a committed relationship, you can expect to have two fewer people in your social circle. Single people tend to have two more friends or family members they see regularly. According the University of Oxford, because couples devote more time to each other, it pushes people outside their social circle. 

  • Then once you get married, the bachelor party may be the last time you really whoop it up. Marriage puts a damper on bad behaviors, according to Northwestern University. People clean up their act and have fewer drinking binges per year – five fewer on average.

  • Another marriage number: Four – as in four extra pounds. Newlyweds don’t feel the pressure to stay as slim as single people.

  • The final milestone? Becoming a parent adds nine hours of housework to your work week. Well, it adds nine hours of chores to the mom’s week. Dads don’t add any extra hours, on average. That’s according to University of Maryland scientists.

  • One last number – two more arguments a week once kids are in the picture. The most common arguments? It’s Mom disciplining the kids or asking their husbands to help out more.