Ok – so they’re not therapists, but total strangers can pick up some strong vibes about the state of your relationship. If you’ve ever doubted that your BODY LANGUAGE tells a story, check out what the researchers at Condé Nast Publications found out when they interviewed the people you run into every day.

  • The waitress. Stephanie Lacombe works at Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in New York. And she says a woman’s legs say a lot about how happy she is to be with the man sitting across from her. If they’re swung to the side of the chair, she’s not that engaged in the conversation – or the guy. She’s already half out of the chair - AND mentally out the door.
  • The cab driver. According to cabbie Jonathan Valdes, eye contact – not physical contact – is the sign that a couple is solid. When a man puts his arm around his date - but looks out the window the whole time, something’s wrong. True lovebirds always peek at each other.
  • The personal trainer. Michelle Jones is a trainer at Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York. And she says couples in the strongest relationships DON’T workout together. They kiss at the locker room and then do their own thing. That’s because they’re secure enough to know they don’t have to spend every second together.
  • The Hardware store guy. According to Felix Atlasman, owner of American Home Hardware, a healthy couple divides and conquers. For example, he picks out the paint and she picks out the light fixtures. He says this shows that the couple is a good TEAM. They take turns making decisions and trust each other.
  • The clerk at the video store! According to Blockbuster employee Alexis Vertucci, compromise is a good indicator of ANY healthy couple. If you can’t agree on a DVD, how will you agree on the big things – like a house? Happy couples talk it out, laugh and settle on something they’ll BOTH enjoy.