A new survey shows that about half of us feel more impulsive, imaginative, and creative on Saturdays and Sundays, which often adds up to feeling happier. If you want to be one of the happy ones, follow these tips for making the most of your weekend. They come from the book Raising Happiness by sociologist Dr. Christine Carter:

  • First: Give yourself something to look forward to. I know it sounds obvious, but Dr. Carter says anticipation helps us maximize the positive emotions that come with doing something fun. So, just planning a fun activity for the weekend can have a big impact on our happiness level, even days before the weekend starts.

  • So what should you plan? For starters, plan to spend some time with your friends and family. Because research shows that our feelings of happiness and life satisfaction tend to be highest when we’re with those we love.

  • Also, plan to take a break. After all, you’ve got the whole week to worry about deadlines, chores, and running errands. Our expert says it’s better for our psyche if we dedicate at least one day of the weekend to resting, because that gives us a chance to recharge, and get ready for the next work-week.

  • One more way to make the most of the weekend: Start preparing for Monday on Friday. Because research shows that our stress levels peak on Monday, but a lot of that stress starts setting in Sunday night, when we’re thinking about all the work we have waiting for us. So, taking a few minutes on Friday to schedule important tasks, or even just write a to-do list, will help make the weekend that much less stressful.