You may want to rethink your diet after hearing this, because new research shows that food made with wheat is bad for our health. In fact, cardiologist Dr. William Davis now describes wheat with these exact words. Quote: "It's the perfect, chronic poison!"

That shocking claim won't surprise anyone who has celiac disease. It's a condition in which people can't break down the gluten in wheat, and suffer life-threatening digestive defects. But Dr. Davis says wheat is dangerous even if you don't have celiac disease! That's because today's wheat contains a protein called gliadin. Dr. Davis says it wasn't in wheat grown a generation ago. But since the 1960s, wheat's been modified to help farmers grow larger crops. And it turns out, gliadin stimulates the brain in a way that causes us to become addicted to food.

In fact, a new study found that people who ate food made with wheat generally ate 440 more calories per day, compared to people on a wheat-free diet. Plus, other new studies are uncovering health benefits when people stop eating wheat. They include lower rates of depression, acid reflux, and arthritis pain. There's even new research linking a wheat-free diet to increased weight loss, and reversed diabetes!

That's why Dr. Davis recommends eating fewer foods made with wheat and adding more foods made with grains like flax and barley, since those are less likely to have been changed in a lab! So, you can improve your health without taking drugs, or buying expensive gluten-free substitute foods - all you need to do is stop eating wheat.