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  • You can expect to drop a few pounds summer! Because in warmer weather, we naturally consume less food. According to Dr. Michael Smolensky, author of "The Body Clock Guide To Better Health," just like animals that hibernate, we eat more in the winter   about 6 to 7 percent more calories than any other time of year. He says this instinct probably helped our ancestors survive the cold, when food was scarce. That extra fat was their prime source of energy. But now that it's warming up, our bodies don't feel the need to hoard food. In fact, new research suggests that warm-weather dieters lose nearly twice as much weight as those who start their programs in the fall.
  • Guys - if you hate going to a crowded gym quit complaining! According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, men are able to bench press an average of 41 pounds more with spectators than when they lift alone. But know your limit and don't show off! Most injuries happen when lifters try to do too much.