What’s the healthiest type of corn: fresh off the cob or canned? What about orange juice: fresh or frozen? Those aren’t trick questions. Experts say that certain versions of food are healthier than others. For example:

  • The best type of corn is canned instead of off the cob. A Cornell University study found that the heat involved in the canning process boosts corn’s anti-aging and disease-fighting antioxidants by an incredible 550-percent. 

  • Want to improve your skin? Drink frozen OJ instead of fresh. Frozen juice isn’t exposed to oxygen, so it has much more vitamin C, which boosts production of collagen and plumps the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  

  • Help your brain out and eat red cabbage instead of green. Cornell University scientists found that the pigment that gives cabbage its red-purplish color protects our brain cells from free radical damage. It also blocks the effects of brain plaque believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease.  

  • Finally to get the biggest nutritional punch from nuts, skip peanuts and eat walnuts. Researchers say eating walnuts instead of peanuts will give you double the amount of heart-protecting antioxidants. Also eating a handful of walnuts daily lowers bad LDL cholesterol by 10-percent. That’s because walnuts are packed with heart-protecting, omega three fatty acids.