Here’s some intelligence for your pets. It's a little True/False quiz about pooches, courtesy of dog behavior specialist, Tamar Geller. Let’s see how you do! 

  • True or False: Never feed your dog people food. That would be False. It’s okay to feed your dog some types of people food, like rice, vegetables, and boneless, cooked chicken. Just avoid toxic foods, like chocolate, garlic, onions, raisins and macadamia nuts. And you won’t be teaching them to beg if you put the food in their bowl, instead of tossing them scraps at the table.

  • True or False: If you think your dog’s lonely, get them a friend. Again, that’s False. If you don’t have time for one dog, you certainly don’t have time for two! Also, getting a second dog will give Fido a companion, but you will be relegated to food provider. So, don’t expect all the love and kisses you’re used to.

  • True or False: If you have more than one dog, they’ll be hurt if you play favorites. That one’s False, too! Experts say that if you treat all your dogs equally, they’ll get confused. Why? Dogs live in packs. And in every pack, there’s just one top dog. So, don’t feel guilty if you give one dog preferential treatment – like, they get to sleep on the couch, while the other dogs have doggie beds on the floor. Nobody’s feelings will be hurt. Even if you think that sad look in their eyes is telling you life’s not fair - what they’re really saying is, “Hey, can I have a treat?”