Here’s a list of the top things that people with the best memories do. Because protecting and improving your memory is easy with some simple lifestyle changes. Australian researchers tested nearly 30-thousand people's long-term memory… asking them to recollect what happened 1, 5, and 20 years ago. They also tested their working memory - like remembering what’s on a shopping list, or being able to remember people’s names. Then the researchers quizzed everyone about their lifestyles. And here’s what the people with the best memories have in common.

  1. They have fewer than two alcoholic drinks a day.
  2. They watch less than 1 hour of TV daily.
  3. They are continually reading novels.

What else do people with the best memories do? Crosswords, lots of them. They also eat fish regularly, drink tea or coffee and one of the most important things the researchers say is: they keep a journal. Try this stuff and see if YOUR memory doesn’t improve!