If you use Craigslist, there's a new cybercrime we want to tell you about. According to MSNBC, a growing number of Craigslist users are being targeted for something known as "robbery by appointment." That's the term for when you agree to meet someone in person - to buy or sell an item advertised online - only to be robbed at gunpoint, or worse. Experts say Craigslist robberies have become so common that the city of Oakland, California, now averages one per day! In at least one case in Washington, a man was murdered during a Craigslist robbery gone bad. Most of the robberies involve high-ticket items - like cars, jewelry, computers, or smart phones, but they can just as easily involve bicycles! That's because thieves may be more interested in grabbing your wallet than the item you're trying to sell. So how can you protect yourself from a Craigslist "robbery by appointment"? * First: Avoid giving out personal information when you buy or sell on Craigslist. Experts say clever thieves may ask for details about what you do for work. Then, if they get your home address, they can rob you while you're working. * Next: Try using the Date Check app. It's not just useful for dating situations - it's useful anytime you're meeting a stranger. Just punch in the name of the person, and in seconds you'll have access to records showing whether they're a convicted criminal. * Also: Be suspicious of anyone who's overly eager to meet in person. In other words: If they spend more time discussing where to meet - instead of negotiating a price - that's a red flag! * Finally: If you do agree to meet face-to-face, police now recommend asking to meet at your local police station! As one officer put it: "We're open 24 hours a day. So if a buyer won't agree to meet you there, then don't bother with them."