You need to start looking at your smartphone like a crook does: a goldmine. After all, it contains everything from your banking and credit card info to personal pictures, text messages and sensitive emails. And in just a few clicks, cyber and in-person crooks can steal your identity, and go on a shopping spree. So, here are the top security checks to keep your phone safe:

  • The most important thing you can do takes less than one minute - password protect it. Experts say many people don’t password protect their phone because they assume they’ll never lose it, and it’s a hassle to enter in their code every time they want to access their phone. But experts say to think of your phone as safe and keep it locked at all times!
  • Security experts say you should only shop on your phone via a store’s official smartphone app. They’re designed to fight off phishing and other scams. Because if you shop through your phone’s Internet browser, you’re more open to attacks.
  • Think twice before downloading "free" apps. It’s one of the hottest cyber scams these days. You download what looks like a cool, free app. But, it’s really a bogus app that gives a crook total access to your phone, which they can use to steal your credit card and bank account info. So, do your research on the app before you hit “download.”
  • Download remote wiping software. Like the free Mobile Defense app. That way if your phone goes missing – you can use the app to lock your phone remotely – keeping thieves out. And you can also remotely wipe clean all of the data on your phone.