If you’re shopping online, you need to think about keeping your packages safe offline. That’s because the packages we buy online, and have delivered to our homes, are popular targets for thieves. And considering the fact that we buy over $35 BILLION worth of stuff online during the holiday season alone! Experts say now’s the time when thieves are most likely to be scanning our doorsteps for packages! So, how do you make sure your mail doesn’t disappear when no one’s looking?

  • Experts say the most obvious way is to NOT have packages delivered to your home! Instead, when you place online orders, set the mailing address to your workplace, or a post office box.

  • If that’s not an option, a growing number of retailers now let you order online, and then have your stuff delivered to a nearby store. That way, you could order a new TV from Best Buy, for example, and know that it’ll stay in a secure place until you can pick it up in person.

  • Also know this: If you order through Amazon, you can now choose to have packages delivered to an Amazon Locker. That’s the name for secure lockers in a local store – like a 7-11 – that can only be opened with a code you get via email or text message. There’s no charge for using Amazon Lockers, but the service is only available for packages weighing less than 10 pounds.

How do you protect your packages when they're delivered to your home? Share your tips with us!