Who’s more likely to turn into a jealous green eyed-monster thanks to what they see on Facebook: Men or women? According to a new study, the answer by a landslide is women.

University of Alabama researchers had 200 men and women imagine they’d discovered a photo on Facebook of their partner with a person of the opposite sex. Some were told the photo was visible to everyone on Facebook. Others were told it was hidden to all but certain approved friends. And they were asked to complete a questionnaire describing how they felt. 

The result? If the photo was hidden, both women and men were jealous, and considered it a possible sign their partner was cheating and hiding a new love interest. 

But if the photo could be seen by anyone, men's jealousy levels dropped dramatically. However, most women remained very jealous.

Another interesting finding? Women were much more hurt than men if they felt there wasn’t enough “Facebook evidence” on their partner’s page, showing that they were in a committed relationship, like photos of the two of them together.

Researchers stress that everyone – whether single or in a relationship – should keep in mind that Facebook photos and posts can be misinterpreted. 

And odds are, you could be getting yourself in a tizzy for no reason. After all, the opposite sex pictures in the study didn’t provide infidelity, but a majority of volunteers interpreted it as cheating, and became extremely jealous. 

So, if you want to avoid drama in your love life, you may want to break up with Facebook!