Are idea-sharing websites like Pinterest a bride’s best friend, and a great way to get wedding ideas? Or are they ruining weddings by killing individuality and creativity, and making everybody’s wedding look the same?

Well, it depends who you ask. 

Brides love wedding inspiration boards for the advice and suggestions. And a lot of brides say they’ve found cool things they never would have thought of on their own.

Like photo-booths for pictures at the reception, chalkboard seating charts, and groomsmen wearing matching sneakers. Or a candy free-for-all instead of a wedding cake, and twirling sparklers instead of throwing rice as the bride and groom leave the reception.

But a lot of experts say thanks to Pinterest, ideas like those that used to be unusual, are becoming commonplace. And Pinterest-overload can result in weddings with a hodgepodge of mismatched ideas that make it look like a “garage sale,” instead of having a consistent theme.

Still, plenty of brides and wedding planners don’t care if their weddings look like everyone else’s. After all, brides have always borrowed ideas from each other and magazines. It’s just because of the Internet that it’s getting shared a lot faster. But what should you do if you want your wedding to be truly unique? It’s simple, just think about what makes you and your fiancée unique: where you met, your favorite music, your favorite hobbies, or food to eat. When you make your wedding about you as a couple, and not about trends, it’s bound to be original.