It used to be that if you heard someone outside yelling, “Buster, Duke, Lucky – dinner!” - you’d know they were calling their dogs. These days, they might be calling their kids. Why? Because the line between kid names and pet names has become incredibly blurry. And a lot of pet-and-people names have been reversed.

Why the change? It used to be that cats and dogs were considered pets. These days, more people consider their cats and dogs to be members of the family – so the names reflect that. And they’re frequently being replaced by popular people names.

The top dog names at the moment are: Bella, Molly, and Lucy for girl dogs and Max, Jake, and Charlie for the boys.

On the flip side, regular dog names have become popular for human kids – and celebrities are leading the trend. For example, Mike Myers named his son Spike. Other celebrity kid names include Buster, Buddy Bear, Lucky, Bandit and Rocket.