Job hunters, want a recession-proof career? Start working with animals. Because even with the down economy, the pet industry has grown every year for the last 10 – by at least 5% each year. 

Sales are through the roof for mom-and-pop pet boutiques, on up to giant corporations. And everyone from breeders, to pet invisible fence installers, to animal chiropractors are experiencing booming sales. 

We even read about one woman who’s expanding her luxury pet cremation business to keep up with the huge demand, even with cremation packages costing thousands of dollars.

So, why are animal-businesses recession-proof? 

First, pet ownership is at an all-time high - with about two out of every three households owning a pet. 

And experts say that people nowadays consider pets to be family members, and want to keep them happy, healthy, and safe. So, even though the economy is in shambles, they’ll cut back on everything they can before they scale down their pet purchases. 

If you’re interested in breaking into the pet business, check out the site It lists a wide range of animal careers, and the skills you need to land the job, everything from veterinarian to animal trainer.