How much do you know about your dog? Take our true/false test to find out:

  • True or False: You can't teach an old dog new tricks. That's false. Animal behavior specialist Dr. Nicholas Dodman says that older canines can learn anything a puppy can. You just may have to stop some old, bad habits first.
  • True or False: A dog who cowers when people try to touch them was probably abused in the past. Also false. According to the ASPCA, the most common reason dogs retreat when they meet someone new is because they weren't handled enough when they were puppies. Instead of approaching a dog by bending over the top of their heads, which is how dogs try to dominate each other, kneel with your body turned sideways. That shows you're not a threat and the dog will probably naturally approach you.
  • True or False: Some dogs don't enjoy being around other dogs. That's true. Kathy Diamond Davis is the author of Responsible Dog Ownership. She says that, in the wild, dogs live with their pack. But they don't befriend every strange dog they meet. So, it's normal for dogs to bark and even behave aggressively around other people's pets.
  • True or False: A dog can't really be happy unless it's allowed to run off-leash. False - in a big way. Professional trainer Mikkel Becker says that owners should think of leashes as tools that keep their dogs from running into traffic, getting into trash cans, or learning about porcupines and skunks the hard way. If you have a fenced yard, you can let your animal play off the leash. Otherwise, your dog should always be under your control.