Whether you’re excited about a new love in your life, or you want to vent about everything your partner does wrong, there are some people we should never talk to about our love life. Here’s what you need to know, according to the book How To Find and Create Lasting Love:

  • Don’t discuss your love life with your ex! Even if you share children together, or still consider your ex a good “friend,” you need to make it clear that you’ve moved on from your old relationship. Psychologists say it’s hard to do that when you’re sharing intimate details about your life with someone who already knows you in a very intimate way.

  • Don’t talk about your relationship with co-workers. First, because it’s unprofessional. Plus, it can make you the target of unwanted gossip at work. Or it can open the door for unwelcome romantic advances from colleagues. The thinking is that people may view your willingness to talk about your love life as an invitation to become more intimate with you!

  • Avoid discussing your relationship with your parents. Experts say the people who’ve cared for us the longest tend to have the hardest time letting us go. Think about it: Moms will always see you as their “baby.” And most Dads are naturally protective! So, if you bash your partner to your parents, they’ll always take your side. And then if you stay together, your parents will forever view your partner as “The guy who forgot your birthday” or “The woman who didn’t know if she wanted a commitment.”

  • Don’t talk about your relationship with people who are unhappy in their own relationship. Experts say unhappy people tend to be the number one source for bad relationship advice. That’s because they’re either going to put down your partner as much as possible, or they’ll point to every little concern you have as a “red flag” that the relationship is doomed! After all, misery loves company.