Last year, North Americans spent over $40-BILLION on their pets! That number is about to skyrocket thanks to the latest trend in pet ownership – people throwing puppy showers! It’s essentially the same concept as a baby shower, except instead of guests bringing diapers and onesies for your newborn, they might bring chew toys, custom doggy clothes, or perfume scented pooper scoopers!

Janet McCulley co-owns a doggy-themed website called, and she says most of her customers are women in their 30s, who have delayed marriage and motherhood. These women still want the “traditional rites of womanhood,” so they become “pet parents” and throw “puppy showers.” There are plenty of websites lining up to help. Just Google “puppy shower” and 1.2 MILLION listings come up! Many sites offer step-by-step guides for planning a puppy shower from the invitations to the cake, and of course they offer lots of items to put on your puppy’s “gift registry.”

Recently there was a public puppy shower in Central Park, where 80 dogs were pampered with spa treatments, like massages and “paw-decures.” By the way, there are people who throw kitten showers too. Pet trainers say those don’t always translate so well. The problem is that dogs are naturally social. While cats tend to run and hide when there are lots of people around!

Of course, you should never adopt a pet unless you’re fully prepared for the responsibility of raising one. If you’re an empty nester who thinks “hey, what about me?” after seeing all your friends get married and throw baby showers, then a puppy shower might be right up your alley.