These days, are you eating more mac 'n cheese, lasagna, chicken noodle soup, pasta salad, and spaghetti and meatballs than you have in years? You're not alone! Experts say that cooks strapped for cash are boiling up pasta by the bucketful. According to the Associated Press, pasta fell out of favor over the past few years because of the popularity of low-carb, all-meat diet fads, and pasta sales have been falling about 1 percent a year. However, three things have turned that trend around. First, dieters discovered that low-carb diets couldn't be followed indefinitely because of issues like cholesterol. Also, in stressful times, people crave comfort food, whether it's homemade lasagna, or Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. In fact, sales of Kraft's blue boxes jumped 12% last year, and they're now selling over 1 million boxes of mac 'n cheese a day. Another reason pasta's popular again: When money's tight - like now - people tend to shy away from expensive cuts of meat and look for other ways to stretch their food dollars. Even though prices of wheat and other ingredients have risen, pasta is still an inexpensive - and filling - way to feed your family. Experts say you can feed a family of four for about $4. According to statistics collected by the National Pasta Association, overall sales of pasta products have jumped 5% in the past year. Manufacturers also report rising sales of "better for you" pastas made with high-fiber whole wheat, and added nutrients, like calcium and Omega-3s. So here's a quick, healthy recipe to get you started: Sauté two pints of cherry tomatoes in olive oil until they burst. Add salt, pepper and garlic. After five minutes, stir in one cup of fresh basil, toss it over hot whole wheat pasta and serve! It's delicious, and packed with heart-healthy fiber, antioxidants and lycopene, and a big dose of iron and vitamin C. Eating that recipe a couple times a week can slash your risk of up to nine different cancers by 40%!