Millions of parents still aren’t getting the message about vaccines. According to a new survey we found in the journal Pediatrics, at least 1-in-10 parents are either delaying or skipping the vaccines doctors recommend for their children. Some say they’re doing it to avoid side effects they’ve heard about while others say they’re skipping vaccines because they believe the vaccines aren’t necessary!

Experts say what’s shocking about this new survey is that 81 percent of parents said they weren’t even aware of any risks involved with avoiding vaccines. That’s despite many studies over the years showing that vaccines are the safest way to lower a child’s risk for preventable diseases.

So where does this anti-vaccine attitude come from? Dr. Amanda Dempsey is a vaccination expert who says one of the problems is that most parents base their vaccination decisions on their own experiences. So, for example: If you had a bad experience with the measles as a kid, then you’re more likely to make sure your own kids get vaccinated for measles.

But since most people today have never known someone with polio, for example, they assume polio isn’t a big deal.  Or they’ve heard the rumor that vaccines cause autism.  Which isn’t true.

Dr. Dempsey says that kind of thinking has created a “perfect storm” where parents tend to fear the vaccine more than the actual disease. But the reality is that when you skip - or even delay – getting vaccines, then you’re putting your kids and your community in danger! And a growing number of doctors today are dumping patients who refuse to vaccinate their kids.  Just so you know.