More Dads are taking over childcare – which has opened up a whole new industry - Parenting gear for guys! Like masculine diaper bags – macho baby strollers and rugged-looking baby blankets.

According to the Journal of Consumer Research, at-home Dads don’t like to be portrayed as bumbling idiots – who’re barely holding it together until Mom comes home to take over. They also don’t want to be seen carrying quilted, flowery diaper bags that were made for a Mom – not a Dad.

And that’s sparked a whole new retail industry.  Like – which sells diaper bags in colors like “granite” – they also offer ones in pin stripes and ones with flaming skulls.

They also sell an oversized diaper vest – which is like a fishing vest, but for Dad duty. It can hold baby bottles, baby wipes, diapers, a changing pad and it even has a pocket for a pacifier. Thanks to their Dad-focus, sales are up 6 percent and they’re doing a half million dollars in business.

Then there’s “Diaper Dude” – which makes baby bottle holders, diaper bags and pacifier pouches – all emblazoned with your favorite Major League baseball team’s logo. And the car company Jeep makes rugged “all-terrain” strollers.

Basically, Dads are looking to be recognized as caregivers – not just a fill-in for Mom. But experts say men won’t feel truly equal until there are changing tables in men’s restrooms. And so far, most facilities don’t offer that……Yet.