Parenthood is a lot of things, but one thing people don’t like to admit is that it’s a competition!

A survey of 26,000 moms by the Today Show and found that a whopping 90 percent of mothers are judging others on their parenting choices. Everything from how much TV time you allow, to your kid’s weight!

Experts say the reason mothers are so competitive these days is because they’re more isolated. They don’t have aunts and grandmas around to tell them they’re doing a good job. So comparing their choices to everyone else’s is a way of reassuring themselves that they’re doing what’s best for their kids. So, what are moms most judgmental about?

Most moms look down their nose at other mothers who allow too much TV, and those who feed their kids junk food. And breastfeeding goes both ways - with 20% of Moms judging others for not breastfeeding at all - and 43 percent of Moms judge other mothers harshly for breastfeeding for too long. But the absolute tops? Having a bratty kid means four out of every six moms you meet is judging you harshly.