Has your kid’s school cut P.E? These days big budget cuts mean many schools are forced to cut out P.E class because they either can’t afford the teacher or the equipment, or they have to increase teaching time to get test scores high enough to qualify for government money. 

But, education and health experts agree that physical activity is an absolute must for kids in school. Studies show that when kids are able to release some of that crazy energy with a good P.E class they’re able to concentrate better, they act out less and they do better on tests. Because of that, teachers are looking for creative ways to help kids get some exercise.  

At one school we read about in New York, teachers are scheduling short bursts of activities in between classes or tests. They’ll have student stand up at their desks and do jumping jacks or squats. Another school was so full of students that even the gym was being used for teaching space. So they decided to install a climbing wall that only took up a few feet of floor space. Another school made P.E optional and scheduled it at 7am. And 90% of the student body actually showed up, of their own accord!

Bottom line: P.E isn’t just good for kid’s bodies, it improves their minds and mood. And, schools and teachers benefit because their students work harder and do better on tests. It makes you wonder why most schools only have P.E class a couple days a week, if at all.