Are you a sugar junkie? You could be. According to Harvard University nutrition professor Dr. David Ludwig, certain sugary foods trigger a reaction in the same area of the brain as cocaine and heroin. And Dr. Ludwig’s research shows that it’s not just foods we typically think of as sweet and sugary. 

The foods that trigger that reaction have a high glycemic index, which cause a quick spike in blood sugar, lighting up our brain’s addiction center like a Christmas tree. And a lot of foods that aren’t even sweet contain a surprising amount of sugar. For example, white potatoes and anything made with refined flour, like bread and pasta, have a larger impact on blood glucose levels than eating straight table sugar. Plus some spaghetti sauces contain more sugar than cookies, and flavored yogurt can have more sugar than a can of soda. In fact, there’s so much hidden sugar in processed foods that we consume 14 times MORE sugar than our great-grandparents did. 
Ready to kick the sugar habit? You can start by swapping sugary desserts for naturally-sweet fruit. And start diluting sweet drinks, like fruit juice and soda, with seltzer water. Gradually add more seltzer until you don’t even miss your sugary drinks. If you’d like to go further, check out the website