Here’s a tip to help us feel better about the decisions we make: Once we make a choice, we should physically cut ourselves off from the remaining choices. That means, if you’re ordering lunch, shut your menu. If you’re choosing between job applicants, put the remaining résumés in a file. And if you’re considering sweaters, leave the ones you don’t want in the dressing room.  

Researchers call it choice closure. According to the Journal of Consumer Research, it makes us more satisfied with the decisions we make, because the “out-of-sight” move signals our brain to stop weighing the pros and cons of each choice. And that means, we’re less likely to think about what we’re missing, and enjoy the choice we made.

Choice closure can even boost your willpower. Next time you’re face-to-face with a box of chocolates, take a piece, and put the lid back on. Researchers say it’ll make you more satisfied with your selection, and less likely to go back for seconds.