Being overweight is making us old before our time. That’s according to a recent study that found the average adult today is 15 years older - metabolically speaking - than their parents were at the same age. Which means, your driver’s license may say you’re 40, but your body acts like it’s 55. And it all boils down to the negative health effects of obesity.

Today, over half of all men in their 30s are overweight. And today's twentysomething women are twice as likely to be obese as their mothers were at the same age. 

And that’s not good. All the extra weight we’re carrying around is causing us to get so-called “older people's diseases” at younger ages, like high blood pressure and diabetes. Already, the number of people – under age 65 - with osteoarthritis is double what it was a generation ago. Because the extra weight increases wear-and-tear on our joints. 

Fat cells also release inflammatory chemicals – which raise our risk of heart attack and stroke. 

In fact, obesity is the number TWO reason people go on disability. Right behind the health effects of smoking.  

Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer for the Cleveland Clinic, has some harsh words. He says, sure, we may be living longer than ever. But it’s all down to modern medicine. In other words, we’re relying on pills to save us from our bad lifestyle choices. And if we changed our ways, we wouldn’t need the drugs to keep our bodies healthy. 

Dr. Roizen says it’s possible to reset our physical age back to where it should be. And the key is getting down to a normal weight. He says, under we’re in the grave, we all get a do-over. And all you have to do is exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep, and don’t smoke.