Do you know what you’re having for dinner tonight? It’s easy to decide with new online delivery services which let you order delivery in a couple of clicks, saving you money, and earning you points toward free future meals.

Here are 3 smartphone apps to help anyone get a quick meal delivered right to their door or dorm room.
First: Check out the **Grub Hub app**. This free app lets you easily order dinner on-the-go from a wide variety of local restaurants. Say if you're on the train home and get a sudden urge for won ton soup. Just type into the app search bar “Chinese” and every single nearby Chinese food place that delivers will pop up. Then you simply place your order, and wait for it to arrive.

Then, college students: For those midnight cravings, you don’t need to hit the vending machine. Instead, check out You simply type in your university and it’ll generate a list of nearby restaurants that’ll bring local eats directly to your dorm room. The free site also lets you earn points, and rewards toward free food from local restaurants.

And, the final new online food delivery site: It connects you with local restaurants, lets you check out their menus and have the food delivered. Also, every time you use Foodler to make an order, it awards you points which you can redeem for free meals.