What’s the coolest thing to do online these days? Take an online knitting class or cake making, or a class in ‘how to mix oil paints’.

A growing number of craft companies are now rolling out online classes in everything from crocheting to artisan bread making to origami! And in recent months, more than half a million people have signed up for classes with names like: “Advanced Cake Decorating Techniques” and “Stupendous Stitching”.

Many of these classes are offered by one Website, called Craftsy.com. They’re taught by professionals – including published authors, and stars from the Food Network and the classes range from 5 minutes long, to over an hour.

The site also offers features like a “30-second repeat” option, which lets you go back, and replay 30-seconds of an online video. And if you run into trouble, you can send a message to the teacher – and they’re required to respond.

And a number of high-end companies are hopping on the online craft bandwagon like Sotheby's Institute of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  They have workshops, like "Experimenting with Collage," that cost hundreds of dollars. But despite the price, they’re doubling their online classes to meet demand.

So why are so many people getting crafty online?

First, because it’s a faster way to learn new crafts since you usually have to wait months for a local craft store or community college to offer the class you want but online classes are always just a click away.

Also, crafts have major “cool cred” today. People love showing off their creations on Pinterest or selling their crafts on sites like Etsy.com.

So who’s taking these craft classes? Mostly women – and 83 percent of them are 40-years old and up. And 50 percent of students who pay for a class go on to pay for a second.

Want to go further? Check out Craftsy.com. They offer some free craft classes to get you started, while hundreds of others start as little as $10 each.