If you think it's impossible to find time each day to improve your health, then here's some good news: We've got a list of tricks from our friend Dr. Mehmet Oz that'll help you live a longer life. Each one takes exactly one minute! * First: Check your pulse. When you wake up each day, press your index and middle fingers against the inside of your wrist; then count the beats for a minute. Healthy people should count about 60 beats, but if you count 90 beats or more, Dr. Oz says you're three times more likely to die from heart disease! To lower your pulse, add more salmon to your diet, since salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which lower blood pressure and the risk of heart rhythm disorders. * The next one-minute health tip: Eat an egg for breakfast. One egg has essential protein to give you energy, antioxidants to protect your eyes, and nutrients that are proven to lower your risk of Alzheimer's. All that with less than 100 calories! So, cook up a batch of hard-boiled eggs at the start of each week. That way, you can grab an egg to go even on your busiest days. * One-minute tip #3: Walk every hour. Research from the American Heart Association has shown that one hour of walking can boost life expectancy by two hours. That's because of something we've talked about before, known as "sitting disease." Basically, studies have shown that the longer you spend sitting, the more likely you are to die an early death. That's because when you sit the whole day, your body releases half the usual fat-burning enzymes. Dr. Oz says you'll boost your odds of living to be 100 by 50% if you get up and walk every hour, because that forces you to be more active throughout the day. * The last one-minute trick: Floss. Believe it or not, Dr. Oz says flossing may be the easiest way to add years to your life. That's because your gums offer an ideal place for bacteria to enter your bloodstream, where it can trigger plaque buildup and deadly inflammation in your arteries. You'll reduce your risk if you floss away bacteria after meals.