A lot of things our bodies do are a mystery. For example, we just accept the fact that our stomach feels like it’s in our throat on a roller coaster – even though we don’t know why. Well, here’s the science behind a few odd body quirks.

  • And we’ll start with the stomach-in-your-throat phenomenon. According to the Cleveland Clinic’s Digestive Disease Institute – we get that feeling on roller coasters because our organs ARE moving around inside us. Our stomach doesn’t literally go all the way up to our throat, but it does shift. Our nerves detect that movement and that’s why, when we’re hurtling through a loop on a coaster, we get that stomach-in-your-throat sensation. 

  • Here’s another body mystery: Why do we wake up at night to pee, but not, well, you know. It’s because our colon is controlled by the same body rhythms that control our sleep and wake cycle. So your colon knows that it’s time to sleep and stops contracting to push out waste. But our kidneys produce a continuous flow of urine, and our bladder can only hold so much.   )

  • How about this one: why does armpit sweat smell worse than the sweat on your forehead? It’s because it comes from two different kinds of sweat glands. The glands on our face, arms and legs excrete a mixture of salt and water. But the sweat glands in our armpits and groin release an oily substance too, and bacteria LOVE that oily substance. And when the bacteria chow down on it, it releases a stench. TMI?