It’s time for another food fight. That’s where we put two foods in a head-to-head battle and see which one emerges as the nutritional champ. We’ll run the gamut from breakfast, through lunch, to your snacks.  Here we go:

Bacon or sausage? The answer is: bacon. Four slices of bacon have nearly 200 fewer calories than four sausage links. You’ll also save yourself from seven grams of artery clogging saturated fat. Your best bet is a slice of lean back bacon with the rind and fat cut off, rather than fatty streaky bacon.

So maybe you’re going to top your Cheerios with some fruit. Which do you choose, strawberries or blueberries? Go with the blueberries. Both are great for you, but when you compare the nutrients in an equal amount of each, blueberries have a slight edge. Blueberries are particularly rich in fiber – they have four times more fiber than strawberries – as well as more vitamin E.

When it’s time for lunch, should you sit down to a proper meal or just graze all day instead?   The experts say graze! Why? Because spreading out your calories stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels. Grazing also prevents post-meal fatigue – that energy dip you feel after lunch because all your energy is going to digesting your food. 

So what about a side dish with dinner? Broccoli or cauliflower? Go for the broccoli. It has twice as much fiber as cauliflower.

As for your coffee – does it matter if you put in natural sugar or white sugar? No. They're both sugar. Neither is any better than the other. Just because raw sugar looks healthier, doesn’t mean it is.

And if you’re snacking while preparing dinner, which olive is better for you? Green or black? Green olives have the edge. Green olives haven't ripened fully, so they contain roughly half the fat levels that they would have reached if they’d ripened and blackened.