We all have nuggets of wisdom we’ve learned over the years. Pieces of valuable advice that we want to share with everyone! Well, psychologist Martha Beck is no different. A regular contributor to Oprah’s “O” magazine and author of The Joy Diet, she looks for ways people can improve their life. When it comes to ways HER life has been improved, she says the following pieces of advice stand out.

  • A little pain never hurt anybody – physical or emotional. Have you ever lifted something that was heavy, and you knew it might be difficult, but the end result would be worth it? In that case, you don’t MIND the pain. Why? It’s psychological. Beck says the moment you stop fearing and resisting something, the pain changes. It becomes smaller and more manageable. The same applies to emotional situations like embarrassment, frustration, confusion and so on. If you want to scream, “I can’t stand this! Make it stop!” - try telling yourself instead, “It’s just anxiety – it’s nothing to worry about. It never hurt anybody.”

  • Television is a vitamin. Beck didn’t start watching TV until she was a teenager. Although she was reading Shakespeare at 10 years old, which is impressive, it wasn’t something she had in common with other kids her age. The shows on television, even the advertisements, allowed her to relate to her peers by keeping up with what was happening in the world. It let her see the top of Mount Everest, the world’s greatest athletes, even Scooby Doo! Beck says TV is a social unifier. So while it’s important not to let it consume your life, you need a daily dose of vitamin TV.

  • It’s good to be wrong. Beck says acknowledging an error is the foundation for learning. People have sacrificed relationships and careers over their need to be “right.” Being excited about new information is the best way to open the mind. Beck says she tries to use the phrase, “Tell me where I’m wrong,” at least 4 or 5 times a day. Try it. You’ll find that while insisting you’re right can be gratifying, accepting that you’re WRONG can be life-changing.