What’s one of the most valuable things you can sell these days? It’s your old car!

Statistics show that used car prices are at historically high levels. And demand is so high that a lot of auto dealers using software that alerts them every time a used car is posted for sale on Craigslist, that way they can instantly contact the seller to make a deal.

So, why are used cars at such a premium these days? It boils down to scarcity. When the recession hit, a lot of people stopped buying and leasing new cars and held onto their old ones, so there simply aren’t that many used cars on the market, especially used cars that are about 3-years old – the sweet spot that people are looking for. 

In fact, late-model used cars are such a hot commodity that you can often get a NEW car for roughly the same amount. Take a 2013 Toyota Corolla. New it sells for about $18,000, but a used 2010 model still costs about $14, 000. Not much difference! 

So, if you’re thinking of selling your used car, experts say now’s the perfect time to do it, you could literally get the deal of the century!